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Welcome to my Treasure Trove. This is where I keep some of my good stuff. Please drop me a message to tell me that you have taken something.

I only add to the lcollection whenever I have something worthwhile, so do remember to come back occasionally. In the meantime, there are a few things you can already download.


If you are searching for CHESS games by Malaysian players in international events, you have come to the right place. The following are available for immediate download:

  • MalaysianMasters2000 : Malaysia's last tournament of the old millennium, featuring Mas Hafizul, Ng Tze Han, Lim Chuin Hoong, Jonathan Chuah, Nicholas Chan and Ismail Ahmad, played in December 2000.
  • AseanJuniors2000-malaysia : Games by some of Malaysia's junior players including Jonathan Chuah, Nicholas Chan, Deon Moh and many others at the first Asean junior chess championship in Vungtao, Vietnam, last December.
  • Olympiad2000-malaysia: All the games by Mas Hafizul, Mok Tze Meng, Wong Zijing, Ismail Ahmad, Azahari Md Nor and Jonathan Chuah at the Istanbul Chess Olympiad in October 2000.
  • WahSeongPenang2000 : Games by GM Ardiansyah (Indonesia), IM Myo Naing (Myanmar), IM Liu Wenzhe (China), IM Mas Hafizul, FM Wong Zijing, Wynn Zaw Htun (Myanmar), Jonathan Chuah, Mok Tze Meng, Ng Tze Han and Lim Chuin Hoong from the Wah Seong Penang International Master Chess Tournament 2000 in George Town in February/March 2000.
  • NZ99-malaysia : games by Mohd Fadzli Zakaria at the 107th New Zealand Championship in Auckland in December 1999.
  • MalaysianJuniorMasters99 : all the games by the top Malaysian players (Mas Hafizul, Jimmy Liew, Ng Tze Han, Lim Chuin Hoong, Deon Moh, Wong Zijing, Ng Ee Vern, Lim Yee Weng, Jonathan Chuah and Aaron Yee) at the 1999 PWTC Malaysian Junior Masters Tournament in Kuala Lumpur in December 1999/January 2000.
  • Cairnhill99-malaysia : games by Lim Chuin Hoong at the Cairnhill open tournament in Singapore in December 1999.
  • Asianteam99-malaysia : only the first six rounds of games by Mas Hafizul, Ng Tze Han, Jonathan Chuah and Azahari Md Nor are available from the Asian team champinship in Shenyang, China in October 1999.
  • Vungtao99-malaysia : games by Mas Hafizul, Lim Chuin Hoong, Lim Jean Nie and Lee Su Ann at the Asian Junior (under-20) championship in Vung Tao, Vietnam in September 1999.
  • Yangon99-malaysia : the games of Mas Hafizul from a Scheveningen GM tournament in Yangon, Myanmar in February 1999.
  • Saintly99-malaysia : Mas Hafizul's games from the QVB Saintly Cup tournament in Sydney, Australia in January 1999.
  • Cairnhill98-malaysia : selected games of the Malaysian players (Lim Chuin Hoong and Wong Chee Chung) at the 1998 Cairnhill open tournament in Singapore. (Sorry! This file is not available presently.)
  • Yangon98-malaysia : the games of the three Malaysian players (Mas Hafizulhelmi, Lim YeeWeng and Wong Zi-Jing) who played in the Yangon Zone 3.2a tournament in December 1998.
  • Oropesa98-malaysia : a selection of games by the Malaysia players (Ng Tze Han, Lim Yee Weng, Deon Moh, Khor Shihong, Jonathan Chuah, Ooi Ching Chung, Marina Soh and Nishaah Renganathan) at the World Youth Festival in Spain last October 1998. When these games were released on the Internet by the organisers, I was in two minds whether to put this file here. In my opinion, our players fared better than what the organisers portrayed in their selection.
  • Olympiad98-malaysia : the Malaysians (Wong Zi-Jing, Ng Tze Han, Ismail Ahmad and Azahari Md Nor) playing at the Elista Chess Olympiad in September and October 1998.
  • Hampstead98-malaysia : the games of Lim Chin Lee who won the New Hampstead Fide rating tournament in England.
  • AsianWomen98-malaysia : games by the four Malaysian women (Nurul Huda Wahiddudin, Roslina Marmono, Samantha Lee and Lim Jeannie) who played in the Asian Women's individual championship at Genting Highlands in April 1998.
  • FS-April97-malaysia : games by Ooi Chern Ee and Mas Hafizulhelmi at the April 1997 edition of the First Saturday tournaments in Budapest, Hungary. This tournament is notable for Mas Hafizulhelmi's impressive 100% score in the IM event.
  • Olympiad96-malaysia : the Malaysians (Jimmy Liew, Mok Tze Meng, Mas Hafizulhelmi, Ooi Chern Ee, Tan Wei Sin and Lim Yee Weng) at the Erevan Chess Olympiad in 1996.

You can use Winzip to unzip the games into PGN files. PGN files can be read by many chess-playing programmes, for example, ChessBase or Fritz. However, you can also use a chess viewer programme like SLICS. (Note: If you like to play live chess on the Internet, this programme can also help you connect to the chess servers.)

If you are a chess organiser, you would do well to download a Fide-approved DOS-based chess-pairing programme called Swiss-46. Note: this programme is only for running individual events.


I also have something for non-CHESS players. F'instance, an interesting photograph from the National Geographic magazine. It is the final word in Chinese cuisine!

Here is a story I wrote about the Malaysian Branch of the Manchester United Supporters' Club. This story appeared in The STAR's NORTH pages on 5-Nov-1999. n case you are interested, I also write the occasional concert and music reviews.

Have you ever experienced road rage while travelling on the Information Superhighway? Take control of yourself; do not let your emotions be the better of you... or else, you will end up like this person.

Do you know what a Scotsman has under his kilt? Here, take a peek. Unfortunately, the quality of the picture isn't good as it was lifted from a newspaper. It was snapped in the twilight of the last British outpost in the Far East: a few days before China finally embraced Hongkong in 1997.

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